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Welcome to my portfolio, where I invite you to explore the world through my eyes – a world of intricate details, bold characterizations, and subtle nuances. As a flexible realist, I strive to capture the essence of both subjects and objects, infusing them with personality and exaggeration. While my passion lies in classic portraiture, recent commissions have broadened my horizons, allowing me to incorporate surrealistic elements that turn each piece into a captivating portal for curious minds. Join me on this journey of exploration and transformation through art.

Paint Brushes

My Story

Discovering the transformative power of art was a pivotal moment in my journey. The spark ignited when I first received recognition for my work, bolstered by the encouragement of peers. While I've always been drawn to creating in various forms - from drawing to sculpting - it was delving into Andy Warhol's techniques that truly shaped my artistic expression. Warhol's method of layering colors to amplify depth sparked a revelation, merging seamlessly with my burgeoning interest in Renaissance portraiture. This fusion inspired me to embrace oil paints for the first time, a decision that ultimately solidified my commitment to pursuing Fine Art education further. Embracing new techniques and influences has been the cornerstone of my artistic evolution, propelling me towards ever greater creative heights.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities...

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